Adult goats are vaccinated yearly for CD&T and wormed when necessary.
Kids are vaccinated and wormed at 4 and 8 weeks of age.  

We disbud our Nigerian kids who are not polled (naturally hornless) when they are ready (usually 3-7 days old).

Bucklings are banded between 4 - 8 weeks if not reserved or retained as breeding stock.  

A (non-refundable) deposit will hold the kid of your choice until weaning, when the kids are 10-12 weeks old.

Nigerian Dwarf goats will be registered AGS.  
Myotonic Fainting goats will be registered MGR.  
All will be tattooed prior to leaving our farm.

If you would like more information about any of our goats you may contact us at:
TimberHills Goats For Sale - MALES
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are now located on a separate page
Click here to view female goats that are for sale
BUCKLINGS  - Sales list updated - 04-22-2017 - NONE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
These boys have been checked over and are breeding quality.  However, we do not want a bunch of mature bucks
running around so if not reserved as a breeding buck they may be neutered any day.
WETHERS - sale list updated 6-2-17
We may be willing to sell a few of our adult Saanen wethers that we bottle raised in 2015.  They are all
super friendly well trained goats.  

Also we have 1 yearling fainting goat looking for forever home.  Inquire if Interested

Neutered males are wonderful for pets, companions, showing, 4-H, brush control, and much more.

BUCK - Intact adult male                                   DOE - Adult female                                WETHER - Castrated male (any age)
BUCKLING - Intact young male                        DOELING - Young female

DISBUDDED - Had Horn Removed                POLLED - Naturally Hornless                SCURS - Slight horn growth after disbudding