TimberHills is a family owned farm located in central Iowa.  We have been involved with
Rocky Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Horses since 1997.  

Over the years we have produced some wonderful horses and have sold horses all over
the country and as far away as The Netherlands.

We take great pride in producing horses that are people friendly, gentle, and naturally
gaited with great conformation and outstanding bloodlines.

Life has gotten busy for us and we have made the decision to stop breeding our
wonderful Rocky Mountain Horses.  Too many family activities going on to give us the
adequate amount of time it takes to breed & train young horses.  We have gelded our
stallions and we have decided it is time to offer some of our Mares to sale to new homes.

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TimberHills Farm
TimberHills Farm also raises Registered Nigerian Dwarf and Myotonic Fainting Goats.
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Proving how gentle a Mountain Horse stallion can be!
TimberHills Farm has added Poultry to the farm.
To view our birds for sale click on the picture above! (coming soon)